Hi there, I am Shirin (She reen), I am a UX/UI/Web designer, Front-end developer, Project manager, and professor. I have been working as a web designer and UX Designer for more than 12 years.
I studied Computer engineering software in bachelor and now I just got my master’s degree in Web and Multimedia design at GST in NYC.
I have a passion for people, design, and creativity. I love to learn new technologies and mix them with my knowledge to find simple solutions for complex problems and find the balance of user and business needs to make products user-friendly and enjoyable.

I Do


The first thing that I do is learning about the company and project, gathering Client’s needs, research about the company competitors and problems. I employ the best research method(s) based on research questions, timeline, and resourcing. Develop slides, summaries, and other outward documentation to communicate research results to the team and stakeholder groups.


This is my favorite part. Designing a website and mobile application interface are like making the puzzle with technology. After sketching and making a wireframe, I make a visual design for web, desktop, mobile, and tablet interfaces using graphic design tools (every day new tools is coming but my favorite is Adobe products). I design screens and features, provide related style guides and update the UI components library, sync with other global design teams.


After finalized Graphic design, I make it readable for all browsers and different sizes for the web, Android and IOS. As an Front- end developer I translate requirements and mockups into fully functioning websites using HTML/CSS/JS and other new technologies that I have to learn to code better and faster. I am not fan of programming but I am able to emulate existing HTML projects and create new ones that seamlessly integrate with existing code.


My job doesn’t end with design, one of the important parts is test the product, in each level I test what I have done with actual users and test tools, usually before a project goes to the development team. This way I will be able to see if a website or an app is usable enough as well as distinguish possible problems in UX. This is a good way to dive deeper into users needs and preferences by watching their reactions while they use a product.

I Use

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Corel DRAW
  • Invision | Marvel
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Zeplin
  • Axure
  • Sublime
  • Microsoft office
  • Visual Studio
  • Android App
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Xampp
  • MockFlow
  • WebFlow
  • RapidUI
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Twitter Bootstrap



I believe anyone can do anything, just like a matrix movie! it just takes longer. Instead of being able to say “I ‘ve done this before” sometimes you have to say I have not done this before but I have done things that I have not done before, before and it came out good. So, I am not afraid of this.
The thing that you learn the most that will help you do things you cannot do yet is how to recover from failure. If you can recover from things not going well, then the worst that happens is: this is going to be a total wreck but I know how to recover. I know how to be ok after I was not.



Al Doyle
Program Chair Web and Multimedia Design, Deputy Chair of Digital Media Design | Touro College
I have known Shirin Semsar, who has been a student in the Web & Multimedia Design program at Touro College and also as an Instructor in the undergraduate Digital Multimedia Design program since September of 2018. In that time, I have found Shirin Semsar to be an exceptional Instructor for the Web Design III course. Shirin Semsar has the utmost respect for the students and commitment to teaching. Shirin is an expert at getting the students to learn complex and difficult software and UX UI concepts thoroughly.
As a student in the graduate Web & Multimedia Design program, Shirin Semsar brought a wealth of experience and knowledge coupled with an ability to learn complex technical applications quickly and to execute beautiful web sites and interactive media. Shirin’s Capstone presentation of UX / UI design research was a model of thorough and complete understanding of the entire process from user profiles, through user journeys and design.
I recommended Shirin to design a complete makeover of a web site for an acquaintance of mine for which he thanked me profusely as he was very satisfied with the work the Shirin produced.
At Touro College, I found that Shirin Semsar’s passion and commitment to UX UI design to be at the highest level and I would give her the very high recommendation.

Andrew Deck
Professor at Touro College
Shirin is an accomplished designer with excellent visual sensibilities and experience with clients.
Shirin is a talented, hard-working, and personable designer. She’s a triple threat, capable of handling visual design, conceptual development, and technical complexities. I strongly recommend Shirin to anyone who would like to design and develop apps or websites.noisefactor@gmail.com

Nataliya Klymenko
MA in Web & Multimedia Design Assistant Program Director at TOURO COLLEGE
To Whom It May Concern,
Shirin is very ambitious, dedicated go-getter, highly motivated individual who always puts forth her best effort in all assigned tasks.
I also had the opportunity to serve as Shirin’s academic advisor for the past one and a half years. She was offered a teaching position in the undergraduate program and has been teaching for a few semesters.
Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have regarding Shirin at 212-463-0400, x 5319 or email, nataliya,klymenko@touro.edu

Keith Baumwald
CMO at Celsius Network
I worked with Shirin for over 2 months while she was on a short-term contract position. Shirin was incredibly easy to work with, very diligent and often worked long hours due to the nature of the project. She helped design multiple projects for us both online and offline while also helping us to evolve the brand. Shirin was a pleasure to work with and was well-liked by everyone she came in contact with.keith@celsius.network


Steve Dressler
CEO Worldwide Visuals And Audios, Inc. & Sales Agent Commercial Residential Properties at Neil Flaum Co.
Shirin is an excellent web designer. My site stevedresslermusic.com was designed by Shirin and I’m always getting compliments. I highly recommend Shirin.188.steve@gmail.com

Alireza Shirmohammadi
Transaction Switch PO at IranArgham
I had the pleasure of working with Shirin for three years in the ICT department at the time I was head of the development team at Jamejam newspaper, she worked as a web designer and redesigned web Ul of main Jamejam website. Jamejamonline.ir was the first online news related website in Iran, which we developed a couple of years before she joined the team.
She also designed new web sites from the very beginning. She interacted with editors and the heads of different departments of the company, which were responsible for gathering information required for analyzing websites.
Shirin is a talented designer and a good team player. Not only is she a good designer, but also she has ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. She is very innovative, always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas, and also eager to learn new technologies. Shirin is a witty person to work with, and she is always helpful and insightful.
To conclude, I strongly believe Shirin has proven herself to be a multi-talented and capable member of Jamejam ICT team and would be a valuable addition to any organization and academic program.
Feel Free to contact me directly if you need any further information.

Parham Baghestani
Co-Founder at Carser
For 3 years, Shirin has provided mobile application design and website design both to my former employers and more recently to my consulting clients. Our collaborations have included hundreds of projects for Chargoon company, Karina Software Company, and others.
We’ve worked together on every type of project – including major marketing initiatives, graphic identity programs, logo and letterhead designs, annual reports, web sites, brochures, signage programs, invitations, e-communications, online/print newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, merchandise design, and more.
Therefore — I feel qualified (and privileged) to say that Shirin Semsar is a top-notch UI/UX designer who brings a seasoned perspective to every project. She masters the most current software applications and is always advancing her skills to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced marketplace.
In addition, she is a high-energy, fast learner, team player who will go the distance to make sure that every project is completed on time, within budget and meeting customer expectations.188.steve@gmail.com