Hi there, I am Shirin (She reen), I am a UX/UI/Web designer, Front-end developer, Project manager, and professor. I have been working as a web designer and UX Designer for more than 12 years.
I studied Computer engineering software in bachelor and now I just got my master’s degree in Web and Multimedia design at GST in NYC.
I have a passion for people, design, and creativity. I love to learn new technologies and mix them with my knowledge to find simple solutions for complex problems and find the balance of user and business needs to make products user-friendly and enjoyable.

I Do


The first thing that I do is learning about the company and project, gathering Client’s needs, research about the company competitors and problems. I employ the best research method(s) based on research questions, timeline, and resourcing. Develop slides, summaries, and other outward documentation to communicate research results to the team and stakeholder groups.


This is my favorite part. Designing website and mobile application interface are like making the puzzle with technology. After sketching and making a wireframe, I make a visual design for web, desktop, mobile, and tablet interfaces using graphic design tools (every day new tools is coming but my favorite is Adobe products). I design screens and features, provide related style guides and update the UI components library, sync with other global design teams.


After finalized Graphic design, I make it readable for all browsers and different sizes for the web, Android and IOS. As an Front- end developer I translate requirements and mockups into fully functioning websites using HTML/CSS/JS and other new technologies that I have to learn to code better and faster. I am not fan of programming but I am able to emulate existing HTML projects and create new ones that seamlessly integrate with existing code.


My job doesn’t end with design, one of the important parts is test the product, in each level I test what I have done with actual users and test tools, usually before a project goes to the development team. This way I will be able to see if a website or an app is usable enough as well as distinguish possible problems in UX. This is a good way to dive deeper into users needs and preferences by watching their reactions while they use a product.

I Use