WOW Talent

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  • Analyzed, studied and understood company application, business domain data requirements
  • Working closely with CEO, CTO, developers, product owners, and other project stakeholders, acted as user-advocate during the development process, conceptualizing ideas that bring simplicity and user friendliness to complex, enterprise design challenges.
  • Established UX/UI design as the first stage website for finding talented people and connect them to sponsors or schools


WOW App Inc. is The Ultimate Talent Platform! It is a place where individuals can showcase their talents, compete against people with the same passion,
climb up the rankings and win achievements! Earn recognition and have the opportunity to take their talents and dreams to the next level. As a company, we aim to gather the world’s brightest minds,
to generate great ideas, and most importantly utilize them to build a great product, which helps people showcase their talents, pursue their dreams and fulfill them!