Hadieh Afshani Art Studio

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  • Applied SEO knowledge to web pages – focused on local aspects.
  • Prototyped visual design concepts, designed icons, provided the solution for a new navigation system
  • Produced flowcharts, wireframes and designed page layouts for the News application
  • Designed mobile application for Android and IOS
  • Created a document of patterns for layouts and interactions
  • Maintained WordPress website by updating content, implementing new technology and monitoring performance and created custom web pages from WordPress themes
  • Managed and maintained client websites.
  • Wrote and edited web code using JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Query.

About Client

HADIEH AFSHANI Born and raised in Iran, Hadieh Afshani moved to Australia and lived there for 10 years before finally moving to New York City. Along with being an artist and activist, Hadieh Afshani curates art shows for RE: ARTISTE International Art Organization and teaches art at Union County college, NYC schools and privately at her studio.


Old Design


  • Students
  • Artists
  • Employers

Users need

  • Who Hadieh is
  • Check the projects and painting
  • Buy the painting and Art works
  • Book the Art Class
  • Contact with Hadieh


Hitmap on old website

Organize analyse research

  • POEMS People Objects Environment Message Services
  • A E I O U Activities Environments Interactions Objects Users
  • POSTA People Objects Services Time Activity
  • 5Es Experience Model


  • Entice
  • Enter
  • Engage
  • Exit
  • Extend

Mind mapping


Design mood


Style tile

Wire frames

UI Design